When it comes to your hotel website, how do you make sense of the hundreds of points of data coming through your analytics dashboard? What numbers give you insightful information, and which ones are mainly vanity metrics? 

In this webinar, experts from Travel Tripper’s digital agency and digital marketing teams discuss the most important metrics in website engagement, conversion optimization, and attribution that hotel marketers need to know to make informed decisions about their direct web channel. Our experts will discuss:

Website engagement tracking

  • Understanding Google Behavior Flow, organic sessions, and referrals
  • Measuring early and mid-funnel user engagement 
  • Optimizing marketing and revenue management strategies based on website engagement

Conversion optimization

  • How mobile and desktop conversions differ and the impact of source, location, ADR and rate strategy
  • The importance of calculating conversion rates in the context of revenue
  • Optimizing your website for mobile bookings

Attribution and ROI

  • Understanding the multiple touchpoints prior to conversion
  • How to fairly and realistically assign attributions  
  • Determining overall channel performance
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This webinar ran on Apr. 17, 2018.
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Nate Lane, Senior Director of Digital Platforms, Travel Tripper

Nate Lane is the Senior Director of Digital Platforms at Travel Tripper. He runs the award-winning Digital Agency along with a product development group specializing in building and scaling website solutions for independent hotels. He is passionate about user data and analytics and believes in data transparency and truth for hotel marketers so they can make informed decisions that will impact their bottom line. Outside of his work with Travel Tripper he has taught at the college-level and for continuing professional education programs around New England.

Sumit Mate, Web Analytics & Reporting Lead, Travel Tripper

Sumit is the lead for Travel Tripper’s Web Analytics and Digital Platforms teams and serves a key role in the development of the company’s technology initiatives and innovations in analytics. His passion for the customer and data-driven marketing philosophy has resulted in exponential growth in every company where he’s held marketing and analytics roles for the past eight years. He brings intelligent solutions to complex problems and does so with an operational and business mindset. He holds a degree in Computer Science from RTMNU University India. 

Tris Heaword, Director of Digital Marketing, Travel Tripper 

Tris leads the Digital Marketing team at Travel Tripper, bringing more than 10 years of expertise and experience in digital marketing and ecommerce, particularly in search network advertising, ad retargeting, SEO, and PPC management. He is a certified Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo Ads specialist and expert in conversion optimization and booking revenue maximization. His team’s innovations in digital marketing have earned recognition by the Adrian Awards, W3 Awards, and Search Engine Land Awards. 

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